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Mischelle Frederick
5 min readDec 25, 2021

It’s been a year since last time I posted something on Medium! 2021 has been a one of the craziest years for me, so let me share with you about my roller-coaster journey on how to stay motivated and creative.

Creating a brand is not that hard, what’s harder is to build a brand. I’ve heard some statement from my friends like “I also want to make a brand like yours” or “Being an entrepreneur like you is such a dream, I will quit my job soon to start a business”; but very few of their businesses survive. Why? Because it looks easier than it seems. I face design tasks every single day, because even creating a marketing plan also needs creativity.

I spend this whole year mostly working from home, I only go to my warehouse where I store the stocks if needed. Some days I am not motivated, or even lazy to work. Some days I filled with tons of ideas inside my head. My work schedule varies so much every single day depends on the mood I’m having at that time. This working habit of mine in the beginning of the year had ruined some of my plans just because I wasn’t consistent with my schedule. But along the year, I create some simple habits that help me a lot with balancing my work life experience as someone who mostly working from home.

So let me share with you some of them, in case they might help!

  1. Feed your soul with something you love.

Someone said to me that you need to feed your soul if you want to move others. As an entrepreneur, I create something and sometimes it’s hard to get new ideas for my brand design. Starting earlier this year I learned that I need to feed my soul. So what does it mean? I translate it as doing something that makes you peace, calm, and happy that you can keep as a routine every single day. And it can be anything! Maybe you find your solitude when you water your plants, or when you play with your dogs, or even simpler by listening to your favorite music once you wake up.

I am someone who is sensitive to sound. Due to some trauma, I cannot take it when I heard very noisy sounds. And due to the pandemic, my family members stay at home most of the time too; and sometimes there were unexpected ‘fights’ happened haha. When something like this happened, I prefer to stay in my comfort place (inside my room) or my heart will beat very…

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