How My New Brand Earns $50,000 Sales with This Marketing Tactic

Mischelle Frederick
3 min readJun 12, 2020

In just a few months after launching.

Work with famous influencers they said — but not everyone has a big amount of money to start with.

Before starting our first in-house startup brand, we spend a lot money with influencers that only care for being paid. We gave them products, they uploaded them on their Social Media platforms, and that’s it. Some of them affect our sales, but some of them were useless despite the fact that nowadays most of people are just swiping through posts and Instagram stories. Only few of them are really paying attention.

We even worked with some influencers that are not famous; we called them micro-influencers; yet arrogant and hard to work with. I clearly remember one of them asked to be given 2 products instead of one, said that they usually charged other brands more expensive. And yes, we gave her 2 products haha. It took about one and half month (we agreed with only 2 weeks waiting time maximum tho) waiting for her to post because she said she was ‘busy’ and we need to queue.

One and half month just only for one product posted on her social media, the excuse was just too much. (The other product given is still haven’t been posted yet)

After much consideration, here is what we do as an experiment:

We invest in one influencer, once a month to post on their social media frequently and share our sales revenue with them.

Here are some of the qualifications we consider while choosing for the talent:

  1. They don’t post too many of Instagram stories every day.

We want to make sure their followers really see their stories, not only skipping them because there are too many stories.

2. They are being followed by people who relate to our business product.

If your business is specialized in F&B, then you should hire a good eater. If your business is make-up products, you should hire a beauty enthusiast. And so on.

3. They have friends in same field that are willing to help her repost their Instagram stories. (Not required to be influencers)



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